Live & Timed Auctions

Live & Timed Online Auctions

Due to Covid-19, live on-site auctions have been replaced by online only internet bidding. 

Online-Only auctions are an effective way to bid without having to travel to an auction site. Buyers can still preview items on a scheduled inspection date or by appointment.

We would be happy to provide a confidential consultation on the best way to maximize the value of your assets. 

Timed Auctions

Timed auctions are only different from “Live” in that the bidding for each lot will begin to close at a specific time. The closings are staggered for each lot to allow buyer to bid on multiple lots. Time will be added should there be continuous bidding on a particular item.

Live/Webcast Auctions

Live/Webcast auctions are conducted live online. Buyers will be able to hear the auctioneer live while bidding on their computer or phone. Each lot will show multiple photos and a full description.