2020 Axyz Infinite 4010 CNC Router

No longer available

2020 Axyz Infinite 4010 CNC Router

Vancouver, Canada


AXYZ Infinite 4010 CNC

*Machine has under 200 hours

Infinite 4010

60" x 120" process area, 6" Z axis clearance.

Single piece fully welded tubular steel base construction including levelling feet and caster wheels.

Extruded aluminum table top with zoned vacuum and T slot clamping system. Dual rack & pinion drive on the X axis with linear rails and bearings. Single rack & pinion on Y axis with dual profile linear slides and bearings. The Z axis is driven by ballscrew.

Tool Tip Sensor for fast and accurate setting of tool lengths. Machine toolbox with tools for basic machine maintenance.


1C - 1Z

Single carriage with single "Z" Axis. This is the standard default configuration for a Series machine and allows one item of tooling, normally a routing spindle, to be fitted on the Z axis.


10.8 HP Quick Release Spindle

The 10.8 HP HSD Quick Release spindle incorporates high-speed ceramic bearings for quiet operation and 4 pole construction to improve power output at low spindle speeds. A pneumatic quick-release allows it to be operated manually or in conjunction with the ATC automatic tool changer. Spindle speeds can be varied up to 24,000rpm and tooling up to 3/4" shank diameter can be fitted.


3 x HSD ISO30 ER32 Toolholder Fully balanced ISO30 toolholder cone including covernut and pull stud


 HSD Ready

The machine will be built so that an HSD spindle can be added at a later date. All pneumatic and electrical connections including wiring will be included in the machine. The price does not include the HSD spindle or any automatic tool-change



ATC Ready 7G/10G

This includes a longer than standard gantry so that an automatic tool-change system can be fitted at any time in the future.

The longer gantry is required so that the carriage has the extra travel needed to move outside of the process area to where the ATC carousel is fitted. The price does not include the ATC carousel, spindle or any machine wiring, control components or installation which would need to be purchased at the time of upgrade.


Tooling Package - Wood (Imperial)

A selection of tooling including both cutters and collets suitable for use on Wood Materials.

1 x 20262 - 1/2" ER 32 Collet (04232-1/2)

1 x 20263 - 1/4" ER 32 Collet (04232-1/4)

1 x 3110 - SC DE Compression Spiral 1/4" x 7/8"

1 x WU1-201-16 - SC 2 Flute Upcut Stub Length Wood 1/2"

1 x 105R8-25 - 90° 2 Flute V-Groove 1" Diameter Cut


Tooling Package - Wood (Metric)

A selection of tooling including both cutters and collets suitable for use on Wood Materials.

1 x 13080 - SC SE Upcut Spiral O Plastic 8mm

1 x 20261 - 6mm ER 32 Collet (04232-06)

1 x 20262 - 1/2" ER 32 Collet (0432-1/2)

2 x 21505 - 8mm ER 32 Collet (04232-08)

1 x 99165 - 90° 2 flute V-Cutter For Bending V-Max Diameter 20mm

1 x 107RL8-38 - 1 1/2 Flutes Straight for Planing

1 x 13060D - SC SE Upcut Spiral O Plastic 6mm


Standard Brushless Servo Motors - 4 drive


The AXYZ Standard Brushless Servo Motor delivers high speed and high torque capacity. For high volume applications where cycle times need to be kept to a minimum the servo drive can help to boost productivity. This option is for the X, Y

and Z axes.


Pressure Foot - Universal 5Y

The 5Y pressure foot plays a vital role in the smooth running of your CNC Router. It accepts 4 inches or 2-inch diameter hose and allows for manual adjustment of the ride height for faster material and tool setup often demanded in today's busy workplace. Chip extraction is highly efficient thanks to the unique internal cyclonic design.


Pressure Foot - Bellows Seal

The bellows seal works with the High Capacity or the Universal 5Y pressure foot to enhance extraction in high dust environments. It promotes the generation of a cyclonic vortex within the pressure foot chamber and is effective on all types

of materials.


Vortex Cold Gun

The cold air gun is a simple device that utilizes filtered, compressed air and a venturi effect expansion chamber to produce cold air for industrial spot cooling. This cost-effective option reduces heat generated during the machining process of

plastics and soft non-ferrous metals. This device provides a better edge finish and longer tool bit life in a dry-cutting process.


Unist Mister

For cutting non-ferrous metals including Aluminum, Brass and Copper, the AXYZ / Unist Misters operate with more precision and reliability than any other dispensing system available. The pulse generator allows for automatic, infinite repeat cycling of the lubricant pump from a single air source. The result is a continuous output of a micro-fine lubricant mist providing longer tool life, better finish cut and higher cutting speeds of non-ferrous metals. Watch video


9HP/6.8KW Busch Mink Vacuum Pump MM1252AV with starter

The Mink rotary claw pump is an ideal high-performance solution for powerful vacuum hold-down. It delivers a constant vacuum and is therefore suitable for use in a variety of applications on all AXYZ Series Routers. The Mink pump can be

run continuously if required. The non-contacting design of the rotors leads to a longer pump life with low maintenance.


Precision Spoil Board

MDF spoil board which is mechanically fixed to the T slot bed to act as a sacrificial diffuser. It is 1" thick and can be skimmed to provide a stable and flat working surface which is user replaceable.


3 x Pop-up Pins

These hardened steel pins are pneumatically activated to allow fast, repeatable placement of your cutting materials onto the machine. Pop-up pins are the most reliable method of ensuring your materials are on straight, and with full pneumatic retraction, there is no fear of any cutting tool collision with the pin.

Note that when the pins are in use, the effective process width of the machine is reduced by 3"


A2MC Control System

The A2MC Control system allows for much smoother and faster motion based on S-Curve (Seven Segment Velocity) trajectories. It is fully NC code compatible so it will work with virtually any known CAM package including Artcam, Type 3,

En route, and more.

The A2MC connects to your existing network through TCP/IP protocols so file transfer is almost instantaneous from any workstation on your network.


Smart Console with E-Stop

The new AXYZ Smart Console brings unprecedented ease of use, context-sensitive menus, real-time display of machine status and many more timesaving, useability and productivity features. It provides a graphical preview and the current status of

a running job and allows program feeds and speeds to be changed without pausing the program.


VCarve Pro

VCarve Pro is a powerful yet incredibly easy-to-use design and programming system for your AXYZ router. It contains all the tools you need for 2D machining as well as high-end V-Carving features. Design and layout tools include true shape nesting, single-line fonts for engraving, curve and arc fitting and many more. NC programs produced by VCarve Pro support ATC and can include advanced features such as tabs, ramping, pocketing, lead in/out and auto inlays. For more information or to download a trial version go to http://www.vectric.com


ESA/CSA Certification

ESA / CSA Sticker for electrical certification


ModelInfinite 4010 CNC Router